Sunday, 9 November 2014

Oo Se Troove? As We Say In English

My husband is fluent in French.

That's what he says.

"Oo se troove?" he says.

(Or "Où se trouvent?" in case you don't understand his brand of French.)

He says this at all occasions calling for French. Of which there are many. Apparently.

Well, Miss Teddy revealed a *clue* that she might be of French extraction.

If you are following Miss Teddy's adventures, and are French or know any lovely French people on your social media, please let them know.

The French like England, and they like English people.

But they like living in France, particularly if that is where their home is.

Teddies like being at home too, and Miss Teddy would like to find her family.

Merci. Vous êtes très gentil.

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