Saturday, 8 November 2014

Miss Teddy Befriends The Teenager

After a snuggly night's sleep Miss Teddy had a tasty breakfast of seedy toast and Vegemite, which all teddies love, not that less interesting Marmite spread, no.

Miss Teddy is just so good natured you will never in a million years guess what happened next.

Can you guess?


Miss Teddy was allowed into The Teenager's very bedroom. Right inside she was allowed!

She was even allowed to look at The Teenager's record collection.

Miss Teddy I think will have a future in politics or marketing or something clever because to achieve two impossible things right after breakfast is really something.

Miss Teddy was quite bemused by some of the records.

Particularly to find "Four Songs Of Radical Thought The Average Person May Never Encounter".

What a lucky teddy Miss Teddy is!

Not just one above average song, but four! And all on one record, at that.

Miss Teddy told The Teenager that her music collection was very remarkable.

Miss Teddy had to leave The Teenager's bedroom after that, because - very exciting - we were all going to the theatre and had to get ready.

Miss Teddy thought about her little person and hoped they weren't very sad. She is looking forward to seeing her little person again, even though she was looking forward to the theatre as well.

It was a little bit confusing to be happy and sad at the same time.

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