Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Miss Teddy Revisits London

Miss Teddy was feeling very lonely without her little person.

Please, Little Person! Please get your parents to come find Miss Teddy.

I thought it would be good to get her out of herself and take her - hooray! - to university, for - boo! - a meeting.

I don't know why I thought a meeting would cheer her up.

It never cheers me up. Do meetings cheer you up?

No. Of course they don't.

Anyway, even a meeting is better than moping at home feeling sad. So Miss Teddy jumped in my bag and we went to catch the train to London.

As you know, commuting is soooo boooorrring. Really boring.

And Miss Teddy is off the grid and doesn't have a phone. Incredible but true. You would think every teddy in this day and age would have a phone. Maybe it's because teddies don't have fingers so those smart phones are hard work?

Apple! Get on this. Phones for teddies. I think it's a huge market. You can have that idea for free.

So, I grabbed her a Metro newspaper to keep her occupied.

Bad move!

While the paper was full of news, absolutely chock-a-block, full to the brim with news, there was no good news.

All bad news.

That's no good to cheer up a sad teddy!

Once we got to London, though, things started looking up.

We spoke to some nice police officers.

They were very kind and listened to Miss Teddy's whole sad story.

They suggested that Miss Teddy take a picture with them and post that on Twitter. Everyone on Twitter would surely like to see handsome police officers helping out a lost teddy?

Miss Teddy thought that was an excellent idea.

Miss Teddy wondered if there were any firefighters nearby who might want to help a lost bear?

But there weren't any at that particular moment.

Shame, really.

I said I would look out for any free firefighters for her looking for photo opportunities.

As I've said before, Miss Teddy is a very lucky teddy because you will never in a million years guess what happened next.

Can you guess?

No, you can't. Whatever you guessed is totally wrong.

Miss Teddy found a film maker making a documentary about teddy bears in London.

This is completely true, I am not making this up except maybe for the teddy bear part.

Here he is with a very handsome moustache as well.

Thank you top secret filmmaker! You are a good sport!

He nicely taught Miss Teddy how to use a big camera to make movies. Miss Teddy thought this could be useful and if her family doesn't find her soon, maybe she could start a career in the movies?

I said that was a very good idea. It is good to have plans for the future.

At last, we got to our meeting. Miss Teddy was confused about why there was quite a lot of talking about things that weren't on the agenda. Like how nobody wanted to be at the meeting, what they were most worried about in other parts of their lives, why they needed the meeting to be short because they were going somewhere else.

Normal meeting topics like that.

Miss Teddy popped into the computer lab to work on her Twitter campaign to find her family. As that was the only thing on her To Do list, she felt it would be a good idea to do that thing.

Please help Miss Teddy find her family.

She doesn't want to have a career in the movies, or attend meetings. She wants to be at home with her little person.

That would make her the happiest of all. Thank you.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Miss Teddy And The To Do List

After breakfast, where there was some debate about which was better on toast - Vegemite or Marmite - and the correct answer is Vegemite, Miss Teddy noticed me writing out a long list.

She asked what I was doing.

I explained this was how I remembered all the things that needed doing today.

It was my To Do list.

Miss Teddy was interested that I had so many needs, and so many to fulfil in one day.

She wondered if I was needy?

I might be. I will have to think about this.

I will add it to my To Do list.

But it got Miss Teddy thinking whether she had a lot of needs that needed writing down?

She asked for an envelope to keep handy in case she thought of things she needed to do.

Miss Teddy is really lucky, because the postman had just stopped by with quite a few envelopes, but he only gave us a small selection of what was in his bag.

He said he had to save the rest for all the other people in the village.

Miss Teddy was astonished that every person in the village - every one! - needed to make To Do lists, but that it was a good thing the postman came every day to ensure they had envelopes to write them on.

When we returned from taking Youngest to school, Miss Teddy asked me to write something for her on her envelope.

Miss Teddy has difficulty writing herself because words have lots of letters in them and that is quite fiddly but also she doesn't have any thumbs so holding pens is troublesome sometimes.

She thought of one very important thing that she wanted to do today.

Can you guess what it is?

Miss Teddy Goes On A Walk

Sunday afternoon, Youngest felt that Miss Teddy needed some fresh air because Miss Teddy had already taken all of the toys out of all of the cupboards and there were no more toys for her to look at.

Plus, she and Miss Teddy had discussed it and decided that they needed to do something with a rolling pin.

And I was rather persuaded that I needed to do something with eggs.

Ideally also with bacon.

Which you have to admit is one of the world's winning combos.

On our walk to the village, Youngest wanted to show Miss Teddy Bird Poo Lane.

You can guess maybe why Youngest calls it this.

It, interestingly, is where Youngest goes to go to space. It is also a "unicyclists dismount" zone.

You wouldn't think there would be many problems with unicyclists harassing pedestrians in the village and you would be right.

Ever since the council put that sign there we have not seen any unicyclists on Bird Poo Lane.

Big up Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council for the signage! Whoop, whoop!

Youngest also wanted to show Miss Teddy the kinds of wild animals you can find in Kent.

There were a couple of very friendly emus in a field.

Miss Teddy went to say hello.

The emu came to say hello back
by biting Miss Teddy on the ear!

This is our action pic, here, where Miss Teddy escapes the friendliness of the emu.

Don't worry Little Person! Miss Teddy was totally unharmed by her wildlife adventure.

We also saw a lot of dogs with their families who probably also needed ingredients for projects to do with rolling pins.

There was one dog taking his family for a walk and Miss Teddy overheard (and was not eavesdropping, as you know, because that is very rude) the energetic boy telling his mother that he bet he could keep his room clean until his birthday!

I think Mother should hold him to that bet.

Youngest said, "I don't think he can keep his room clean until his birthday."

"Don't you?" I said.

"I could probably keep my room clean until my birthday. But I don't feel like it."

Miss Teddy was exhausted towards the end of the walk, which is curious because she got to ride in the shopping bag with the eggs.

She made us stop, though, when she spotted this sign along the footpath in the woods.

It reminded her of Piglet's famous grandfather, Trespassers William.

Miss Teddy wondered if Piglet's grandmother was called Be (short for Beatrice) Prosecuted.

I said I wasn't sure.

But I would do a Google adventure when we got back to find out.

Youngest was confident Google would certainly have done at least a little research on this topic and have the answer.

Oh, and yes, Youngest and Miss Teddy made some rather excellent pastry with a rolling pin.


Miss Teddy is a lost bear.

We think she might belong to a French little person.

Please share Miss Teddy's pictures, this blog and her story to everyone you know. Especially to your nice French people.

Even the emus (or les émeus, if they are French).

Miss Teddy would very much like to be a found bear (une peluche trouvée) and go home.

Thank you.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Miss Teddy Thinks Of Others We've Lost

Miss Teddy is lost. But we've all lost a lot of wonderful, brave people, which we are of course remembering today.

Youngest said we needed to go on a walk to the village "because that will be more exciting for Teddy."

And we found this field of poppies.

We stopped and had a little cry.

Well, I did anyway.

Oo Se Troove? As We Say In English

My husband is fluent in French.

That's what he says.

"Oo se troove?" he says.

(Or "Où se trouvent?" in case you don't understand his brand of French.)

He says this at all occasions calling for French. Of which there are many. Apparently.

Well, Miss Teddy revealed a *clue* that she might be of French extraction.

If you are following Miss Teddy's adventures, and are French or know any lovely French people on your social media, please let them know.

The French like England, and they like English people.

But they like living in France, particularly if that is where their home is.

Teddies like being at home too, and Miss Teddy would like to find her family.

Merci. Vous êtes très gentil.

Miss Teddy's Lazy Sunday Morning

You would think Miss Teddy would be exhausted from her late night at the theatre.

But she is not that kind of bear.

I think she eats her vegetables because when I came downstairs she had already built a maze out of colourful stick thingies, pressed her face in that thing with the pins - you know that thing I'm talking about? - and scattered the Connect 4 disk things all around the living room.

I'm sure she did even more things that I've yet to discover.

I told her she was an industrious bear.

She didn't know what that meant.

I explained that it meant she was a hard worker, which she felt was an accurate description.

Miss Teddy was worried that The Teenager wasn't awake. Was she not feeling very well?

I assured her that was quite normal and not to expect to see The Teenager until later.

Or maybe at all. It's difficult to say at weekends.

Please don't forget, Miss Teddy is Lost.

She would really like to find her family. Our family is strange (but quite nice and hospitable, with ample supplies of Vegemite and toast, which is what teddies like best because it keeps their fur soft, their noses wet and their eyes shiny).

Please share this blog, please share the pictures. Please help us find Miss Teddy's little person.

Thank you. You are a very nice person.

Miss Teddy's Evening Out On The Tiles

Miss Teddy woke today thinking about her little person and how much she missed Little Person's cuddles and wondering what her family were doing this weekend.

But, she also had lots of exciting memories to share about going to - yes! - the theatre.

After an enlightening afternoon learning about musical influences that she had never heard of before from The Teenager, everyone got ready to go out.

Miss Teddy is very self confident, and felt she already looked fabulous.

But she had a little peep in the mirror just to make sure.

Yup! She looked terrific.

Miss Teddy felt very grown up as she was going out with A Whole Bunch Of Teenagers, which was a new experience.

She wondered if her little person would take her to the theatre when they became a Teenager too? I told her that Teenagers are actually very attached to their cuddly friends but Miss Teddy may not get to go to so many music concerts because it might not be safe for cuddly toys.

I shouldn't have said that, because then Miss Teddy began to worry about Little Person going to music concerts, but I said it was generally quite safe for Teenagers.

Miss Teddy resolved she would like to stay at home mostly when her little person grew older.

Anyway, the journey was uneventful.

Miss Teddy has been on trains and The Tube plenty of times.

At Oxford Circus she asked to be lifted up so she could look Cardinal Woolsey in the eye.

She was, and she did.

She didn't think she liked the cut of his jib, but also felt she didn't know him well enough yet.

Miss Teddy is a very circumspect sort of bear.

Dinner was marvellous!

After running through the pouring rain with all the Teenagers, we ducked into the charming dry dining room of The Patio Restaurant.

Everyone was so kind to Miss Teddy. They're Polish there, because The Patio is a Polish restaurant.

Miss Teddy thought it might be nice to go to Poland one day.

But only if the food there is as tasty as it was at The Patio.

Miss Teddy overheard (she was not eavesdropping, she is too polite a bear for that) another guest, who was dining with her grown son, saying 20 years ago they had eaten at this very same restaurant, and her son had just been a baby.

Isn't that nice?

That made Miss Teddy think about her little person again and she felt a little bit sad.

I said I was sure her family were looking for her and she would be safely found again soon.

After our meal, it was time for the theatre!

Miss Teddy is indeed a very lucky teddy as, incredibly, even though the show was sold out, Miss Teddy got her own seat!

I can tell you that this hardly ever happens.

Yet, it did happen.

It was lovely and red and she thought the red velvet was almost as nice and soft as herself.

But, she said theatre chairs weren't as cuddly as bears.

I assured her she was quite right.

However, Miss Teddy couldn't see very well because she is a little bit on the small side.

She asked if she could be lifted up so she could see better.

She was, and, my goodness, she could!

Miss Teddy enjoyed the theatre very much, but the story was scary in parts.

She hoped her little person wasn't afraid.

I hope Miss Teddy's little person isn't afraid too.

Please share this story so that Miss Teddy's family recognise her and can come take her home.

That would make Miss Teddy the happiest of all.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Miss Teddy Befriends The Teenager

After a snuggly night's sleep Miss Teddy had a tasty breakfast of seedy toast and Vegemite, which all teddies love, not that less interesting Marmite spread, no.

Miss Teddy is just so good natured you will never in a million years guess what happened next.

Can you guess?


Miss Teddy was allowed into The Teenager's very bedroom. Right inside she was allowed!

She was even allowed to look at The Teenager's record collection.

Miss Teddy I think will have a future in politics or marketing or something clever because to achieve two impossible things right after breakfast is really something.

Miss Teddy was quite bemused by some of the records.

Particularly to find "Four Songs Of Radical Thought The Average Person May Never Encounter".

What a lucky teddy Miss Teddy is!

Not just one above average song, but four! And all on one record, at that.

Miss Teddy told The Teenager that her music collection was very remarkable.

Miss Teddy had to leave The Teenager's bedroom after that, because - very exciting - we were all going to the theatre and had to get ready.

Miss Teddy thought about her little person and hoped they weren't very sad. She is looking forward to seeing her little person again, even though she was looking forward to the theatre as well.

It was a little bit confusing to be happy and sad at the same time.

Teddy Lost!

On my way home from London Friday evening, I found Miss Teddy outside Aldgate East Underground Station.

Miss Teddy says she loves her family, but decided she wanted a little adventure.

She jumped in my bag and we got on the train for Kent.

Miss Teddy must be a very lucky teddy, as even though my regular train was cancelled, we both got seats on the next one!

Miss Teddy is very charming and friendly.

She quickly made friends with the other commuters, and that doesn't happen every day on trains out of London, let me tell you!

Well, the other travellers were disconcerted to see Miss Teddy was on the road without a phone or anything to read.

How could Miss Teddy pass the time on a boring train journey?

This kind City Gentleman read her all the news and headlines, helping her with the big words which are a bit tricky.

 So Miss Teddy is very pleased to be up to date on her current affairs.

Thank you nice man! You are a good sport!

It was an exhausting evening for Miss Teddy. She misses her little person very much, but had a very deep sleep in a nice comfortable bed. So don't worry little person! Miss Teddy is okay.