Monday, 10 November 2014

Miss Teddy Goes On A Walk

Sunday afternoon, Youngest felt that Miss Teddy needed some fresh air because Miss Teddy had already taken all of the toys out of all of the cupboards and there were no more toys for her to look at.

Plus, she and Miss Teddy had discussed it and decided that they needed to do something with a rolling pin.

And I was rather persuaded that I needed to do something with eggs.

Ideally also with bacon.

Which you have to admit is one of the world's winning combos.

On our walk to the village, Youngest wanted to show Miss Teddy Bird Poo Lane.

You can guess maybe why Youngest calls it this.

It, interestingly, is where Youngest goes to go to space. It is also a "unicyclists dismount" zone.

You wouldn't think there would be many problems with unicyclists harassing pedestrians in the village and you would be right.

Ever since the council put that sign there we have not seen any unicyclists on Bird Poo Lane.

Big up Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council for the signage! Whoop, whoop!

Youngest also wanted to show Miss Teddy the kinds of wild animals you can find in Kent.

There were a couple of very friendly emus in a field.

Miss Teddy went to say hello.

The emu came to say hello back
by biting Miss Teddy on the ear!

This is our action pic, here, where Miss Teddy escapes the friendliness of the emu.

Don't worry Little Person! Miss Teddy was totally unharmed by her wildlife adventure.

We also saw a lot of dogs with their families who probably also needed ingredients for projects to do with rolling pins.

There was one dog taking his family for a walk and Miss Teddy overheard (and was not eavesdropping, as you know, because that is very rude) the energetic boy telling his mother that he bet he could keep his room clean until his birthday!

I think Mother should hold him to that bet.

Youngest said, "I don't think he can keep his room clean until his birthday."

"Don't you?" I said.

"I could probably keep my room clean until my birthday. But I don't feel like it."

Miss Teddy was exhausted towards the end of the walk, which is curious because she got to ride in the shopping bag with the eggs.

She made us stop, though, when she spotted this sign along the footpath in the woods.

It reminded her of Piglet's famous grandfather, Trespassers William.

Miss Teddy wondered if Piglet's grandmother was called Be (short for Beatrice) Prosecuted.

I said I wasn't sure.

But I would do a Google adventure when we got back to find out.

Youngest was confident Google would certainly have done at least a little research on this topic and have the answer.

Oh, and yes, Youngest and Miss Teddy made some rather excellent pastry with a rolling pin.


Miss Teddy is a lost bear.

We think she might belong to a French little person.

Please share Miss Teddy's pictures, this blog and her story to everyone you know. Especially to your nice French people.

Even the emus (or les émeus, if they are French).

Miss Teddy would very much like to be a found bear (une peluche trouvée) and go home.

Thank you.

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