Sunday, 9 November 2014

Miss Teddy's Lazy Sunday Morning

You would think Miss Teddy would be exhausted from her late night at the theatre.

But she is not that kind of bear.

I think she eats her vegetables because when I came downstairs she had already built a maze out of colourful stick thingies, pressed her face in that thing with the pins - you know that thing I'm talking about? - and scattered the Connect 4 disk things all around the living room.

I'm sure she did even more things that I've yet to discover.

I told her she was an industrious bear.

She didn't know what that meant.

I explained that it meant she was a hard worker, which she felt was an accurate description.

Miss Teddy was worried that The Teenager wasn't awake. Was she not feeling very well?

I assured her that was quite normal and not to expect to see The Teenager until later.

Or maybe at all. It's difficult to say at weekends.

Please don't forget, Miss Teddy is Lost.

She would really like to find her family. Our family is strange (but quite nice and hospitable, with ample supplies of Vegemite and toast, which is what teddies like best because it keeps their fur soft, their noses wet and their eyes shiny).

Please share this blog, please share the pictures. Please help us find Miss Teddy's little person.

Thank you. You are a very nice person.

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