Sunday, 9 November 2014

Miss Teddy's Evening Out On The Tiles

Miss Teddy woke today thinking about her little person and how much she missed Little Person's cuddles and wondering what her family were doing this weekend.

But, she also had lots of exciting memories to share about going to - yes! - the theatre.

After an enlightening afternoon learning about musical influences that she had never heard of before from The Teenager, everyone got ready to go out.

Miss Teddy is very self confident, and felt she already looked fabulous.

But she had a little peep in the mirror just to make sure.

Yup! She looked terrific.

Miss Teddy felt very grown up as she was going out with A Whole Bunch Of Teenagers, which was a new experience.

She wondered if her little person would take her to the theatre when they became a Teenager too? I told her that Teenagers are actually very attached to their cuddly friends but Miss Teddy may not get to go to so many music concerts because it might not be safe for cuddly toys.

I shouldn't have said that, because then Miss Teddy began to worry about Little Person going to music concerts, but I said it was generally quite safe for Teenagers.

Miss Teddy resolved she would like to stay at home mostly when her little person grew older.

Anyway, the journey was uneventful.

Miss Teddy has been on trains and The Tube plenty of times.

At Oxford Circus she asked to be lifted up so she could look Cardinal Woolsey in the eye.

She was, and she did.

She didn't think she liked the cut of his jib, but also felt she didn't know him well enough yet.

Miss Teddy is a very circumspect sort of bear.

Dinner was marvellous!

After running through the pouring rain with all the Teenagers, we ducked into the charming dry dining room of The Patio Restaurant.

Everyone was so kind to Miss Teddy. They're Polish there, because The Patio is a Polish restaurant.

Miss Teddy thought it might be nice to go to Poland one day.

But only if the food there is as tasty as it was at The Patio.

Miss Teddy overheard (she was not eavesdropping, she is too polite a bear for that) another guest, who was dining with her grown son, saying 20 years ago they had eaten at this very same restaurant, and her son had just been a baby.

Isn't that nice?

That made Miss Teddy think about her little person again and she felt a little bit sad.

I said I was sure her family were looking for her and she would be safely found again soon.

After our meal, it was time for the theatre!

Miss Teddy is indeed a very lucky teddy as, incredibly, even though the show was sold out, Miss Teddy got her own seat!

I can tell you that this hardly ever happens.

Yet, it did happen.

It was lovely and red and she thought the red velvet was almost as nice and soft as herself.

But, she said theatre chairs weren't as cuddly as bears.

I assured her she was quite right.

However, Miss Teddy couldn't see very well because she is a little bit on the small side.

She asked if she could be lifted up so she could see better.

She was, and, my goodness, she could!

Miss Teddy enjoyed the theatre very much, but the story was scary in parts.

She hoped her little person wasn't afraid.

I hope Miss Teddy's little person isn't afraid too.

Please share this story so that Miss Teddy's family recognise her and can come take her home.

That would make Miss Teddy the happiest of all.

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