Monday, 10 November 2014

Miss Teddy And The To Do List

After breakfast, where there was some debate about which was better on toast - Vegemite or Marmite - and the correct answer is Vegemite, Miss Teddy noticed me writing out a long list.

She asked what I was doing.

I explained this was how I remembered all the things that needed doing today.

It was my To Do list.

Miss Teddy was interested that I had so many needs, and so many to fulfil in one day.

She wondered if I was needy?

I might be. I will have to think about this.

I will add it to my To Do list.

But it got Miss Teddy thinking whether she had a lot of needs that needed writing down?

She asked for an envelope to keep handy in case she thought of things she needed to do.

Miss Teddy is really lucky, because the postman had just stopped by with quite a few envelopes, but he only gave us a small selection of what was in his bag.

He said he had to save the rest for all the other people in the village.

Miss Teddy was astonished that every person in the village - every one! - needed to make To Do lists, but that it was a good thing the postman came every day to ensure they had envelopes to write them on.

When we returned from taking Youngest to school, Miss Teddy asked me to write something for her on her envelope.

Miss Teddy has difficulty writing herself because words have lots of letters in them and that is quite fiddly but also she doesn't have any thumbs so holding pens is troublesome sometimes.

She thought of one very important thing that she wanted to do today.

Can you guess what it is?

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