Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Miss Teddy Revisits London

Miss Teddy was feeling very lonely without her little person.

Please, Little Person! Please get your parents to come find Miss Teddy.

I thought it would be good to get her out of herself and take her - hooray! - to university, for - boo! - a meeting.

I don't know why I thought a meeting would cheer her up.

It never cheers me up. Do meetings cheer you up?

No. Of course they don't.

Anyway, even a meeting is better than moping at home feeling sad. So Miss Teddy jumped in my bag and we went to catch the train to London.

As you know, commuting is soooo boooorrring. Really boring.

And Miss Teddy is off the grid and doesn't have a phone. Incredible but true. You would think every teddy in this day and age would have a phone. Maybe it's because teddies don't have fingers so those smart phones are hard work?

Apple! Get on this. Phones for teddies. I think it's a huge market. You can have that idea for free.

So, I grabbed her a Metro newspaper to keep her occupied.

Bad move!

While the paper was full of news, absolutely chock-a-block, full to the brim with news, there was no good news.

All bad news.

That's no good to cheer up a sad teddy!

Once we got to London, though, things started looking up.

We spoke to some nice police officers.

They were very kind and listened to Miss Teddy's whole sad story.

They suggested that Miss Teddy take a picture with them and post that on Twitter. Everyone on Twitter would surely like to see handsome police officers helping out a lost teddy?

Miss Teddy thought that was an excellent idea.

Miss Teddy wondered if there were any firefighters nearby who might want to help a lost bear?

But there weren't any at that particular moment.

Shame, really.

I said I would look out for any free firefighters for her looking for photo opportunities.

As I've said before, Miss Teddy is a very lucky teddy because you will never in a million years guess what happened next.

Can you guess?

No, you can't. Whatever you guessed is totally wrong.

Miss Teddy found a film maker making a documentary about teddy bears in London.

This is completely true, I am not making this up except maybe for the teddy bear part.

Here he is with a very handsome moustache as well.

Thank you top secret filmmaker! You are a good sport!

He nicely taught Miss Teddy how to use a big camera to make movies. Miss Teddy thought this could be useful and if her family doesn't find her soon, maybe she could start a career in the movies?

I said that was a very good idea. It is good to have plans for the future.

At last, we got to our meeting. Miss Teddy was confused about why there was quite a lot of talking about things that weren't on the agenda. Like how nobody wanted to be at the meeting, what they were most worried about in other parts of their lives, why they needed the meeting to be short because they were going somewhere else.

Normal meeting topics like that.

Miss Teddy popped into the computer lab to work on her Twitter campaign to find her family. As that was the only thing on her To Do list, she felt it would be a good idea to do that thing.

Please help Miss Teddy find her family.

She doesn't want to have a career in the movies, or attend meetings. She wants to be at home with her little person.

That would make her the happiest of all. Thank you.

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